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One of the big differences in being a great photographer vs a decent photographer is your ability to balance the light.


While on a trip to Grand Teton National Park, I had the opportunity to take so on-location portraits of my classmates. In these images, I used auxiliary lighting to balance the light. Sometimes in order to get a subject and the sky properly exposed, you need to use extra lighting. I used a Godox light with an umbrella diffuser so that the light on my subject was even and not too harsh. The trick to balancing the light is getting the right power of lighting and the right position of the light. To get it just right I had to play with a few different setting and move the light around my subject until I got the desired outcome.

Below you will see an image of my subject with a properly exposed background and face. This is because I balanced the light using auxiliary lighting.

Without any lighting this is what the image would look like if I exposed for the sky. The light is not balanced. You can hardly see the man’s face!

Below you can see that I exposed the man’s face properly, but the sky is blown out. 

As you can see, using auxiliary lighting can really amp up your on location portraits. By balancing the light, you can get a properly exposed sky and subject!

If you are new to lighting, you might check out this post by No Film School. They have some great tips! Click here to check it out.