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The world of fashion photography is all about showing off the clothes and getting some unique poses. 

When posing men for fashion photography I like to try to get as many unique angles as possible. Also finding poses that accentuate the model’s best features is really important. For example, turning the head slightly is a great way to show of a defined jaw line. Lower angles are also a great way to accentuate long legs if you are trying to focus on showing off the model’s pants. Another great way to produce a great pose is with prompts. Getting your model to move around a little bit, will make your fashion photography come to life and look more natural. When consumers look at your image, you want them to picture themselves in the clothing. You want other men to look at the image and think “hey that would look good on me”. That is the end goal of fashion photography. 

Posing men for fashion photography can be intimidating at first, but with more practice it gets easier. For more tips on how to improve your fashion photography, check out this blog post by Expert Photography. Click the link here.