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Beautiful Landscapes are all around you if you take the time to look.

Until this year, I had never really taken landscape photos before. With some learning and practice I have learned a few tricks that help add a lot of interest to my landscape images. Shooting landscapes at golden hour is a great time to get some gorgeous lighting and variation in your shot. All of these images below were taken during golden hour. Golden hour is the hour before the sun sets. My goal for these images was to find as many places as I could within 30 mins of my house. I ended up Exploring a few places around Rexburg and found a great cliffside featuring some pines. I also explored the Saint Anthony Sand Dunes and took some shots there.

I used the bracketing technique on all of the images below. Even though the sky was not ideal in these images, I still was able to capture some detail by merging 3 images together. I also made sure to shoot very wide with a very high aperture. Most of these were taken at F22.

For more tips on how to improve your golden hour landscape photography, check out this blog post by National Geographic. Click the link here.