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Making something so sweet and gooey look good on camera can be tricky. Take a look at these tips and tricks to up your food photography game.

I love baked goods! They are my favorite thing to eat and take pictures of. However, sometimes taking a picture of a muffin or a cookie can turn out a little dull. These tips can help you figure out the best way to style your food. 

When taking photos of baked good, I like to make it appear as if I had just cooked them…even if I bought the from the store. For this layout, I used chocolate chips flour, a spoon, and a measuring cup as props around the muffins. I also filled a glass of milk and placed it behind the muffins to make it seem as though you could grab a muffin and a glass of milk to go along! Because who doesn’t love muffins and milk?!

Adding different textures to your food product styling can also add another level of professionalism. In this image, I added a wooden cutting board under the cookies. I also placed a white cloth under the cutting board and fluffed and folded it in a few places so that it didn’t look so perfect. Placing a paper towel under the cookies also helped break up the similar colors and create more interest. 

I love using faux materials to create backdrops when taking photos indoors. To create the marble look seen in this picture, I took a piece of cardboard and covered it in contact paper that I bought from Walmart. It was under $10 and is something I can use again and again when taking photos of food or products. When placed under the product, it also looks like a nice marble countertop! This is a great hack if you plan on doing a lot of food photography.

I am always learning when it comes to different types of photography. Recently I read a blog post on lighting for indoor food photography; I found it very insightful. You can check it out by clicking here .