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Macro lenses can be really expensive, to get some great macro shots for a lot cheaper, a close up filter is a great option. 

Macro photography is something that I have always found really fun. It is incredible to see how different things look up close. For the images featured in this post, I used a 24-105 lens with a close up filter. I preferred using the +4 zoom filter, however, the +10 can also give you some really incredible macro shots. The key to getting a macro photo in focus is using manual focus and moving your body. I found that moving the camera back and forth was the easiest way to focus. I also used a continuous LED light in the set up of all these images. I loved the flexibility it gave me in moving the light around my subject to draw attention certain parts or aspects of my subject. In a few of the flower macro shots, I actually had a light on either side of the flower. I also used a small spray bottle to add water to a few of the flowers to add more interest. 

With a little creativity and a few houshold objects, you can take some great macro photos. Macro photography is something that anyone can enjoy. If you want some more tips on Macro photography, check out this post by Exposure Guide, I found it really helpful. Check it out by clicking here.