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The Princess Bride has always been a favorite film in my family. So why not remake it?

To begin this movie poster remake, I wanted to replicate the characters and costumes the best I could on a tight budget. I ended up finding a cheap gold crown and plastic sword at Walmart and was able to make do with what I had at home for our clothing. All of the images of people you see in the movie poster remake I took myself, even the self-portrait! To set up the shots, I had one light off to the side of a couch and a tripod set up directly in front of us. In photoshop, I edited the images to look a little dated and warm like the original poster. I then masked and blended a few images of clouds, my face, me, and my husband added a castle and some script. This project was a lot different than what I normally work on, but I had a lot of fun and think that the end result looks pretty similar to the original.

Disclaimer- I do not own the original Princess Bride movie poster shown below. This project was for educational purposes and I do not intend on selling or distributing the remake.