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As I dive further into my career as a photographer, I am pulled toward portrait photography. It only made sense to focus on that for my personal style project.

I love taking photos of people and capturing moments and memories that they can have forever. As I started to think about a project that I could do to benefit my future clients and also show some of my work, I decided to create a couple of client guides. These client guides focus on providing tips and information to those looking to book a wedding photographer or a family photographer. Each guide showcases some of the images I have taken and is designed to be a resource for my clients. Collectively, this project took about 25 hours. I wanted some new content so I planned a couple of photo shoots and edited some photos to add to my guides.

I also posted a couple of informative blog posts for those looking to get photos taken. If you are in the market for a photographer for your family photos, I suggest taking a look at my blog post ” Winter Family Photo Tips“. If you are engaged and deep into wedding planning, take a look at my post ” Why Invest in a Bridal Session“. On the Blog posts you will see 10 of the images I created for this project. In addition to those featured on my blog, you will also see 10 other images found on my client guides. The Client guides will be available through print and PDF.

Check out these awesome Mock ups of my Client guides created by


If you would like a copy of one of my client guides, please send a message via the Contact tab at the top of the page, or by clicking here. If you are interested in some other client guides, check out this post by Kristen Giles Photography. Click here to view the post.