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Using lighting when taking outdoor portraits is a great way to set yourself apart as a professional photographer. 

I love taking portraits! Like a lot of photographers, when taking portraits I relied mostly on natural lighting. However, on a recent trip I challenged myself to take portraits using different lighting equipment while taking portraits and the results were amazing! Adding a lighting set up to your outdoor portraits can really make your photos stand out among the crowd. The key to using lighting is to make it look like you weren’t! Positioning the light to that the face looks flattering and diffusing the light as much as possible will give you a nice natural look. Check out a few of the images I took on-location in Grand Teton National Forest. 

So, the next time you go to take outdoor portaits, try using auxillary lighting. You might just love the outcome!

To learn more about how to use different kinds of lighting equipment outside. Check out this post by Outdoor Correct. Click here to view the post.