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Some of the best props and backgrounds for product photography are found outdoors.

When I think of outdoor photos, generally I think of landscape or portraits. However, sometimes when taking shots of products all you need to do is get outside and use a little creativity. 

The image to the left was taken in Grand Teton National Forest. This little stream with moss and branches was the perfect setting for Native Deodorant. I used a slow shutter speed to create the dreamy flow of the waterfall. The green of the moss contrasts perfectly with the branding colors of Native. This little creek was the perfect setting for outdoor product photography when paired with some settings for long exposure. 

While on a photography Excursion with Caryn Esplin, we stopped by her beautiful cabin in Island Park. They had this huge stack of firewood that I thought would compliment this adventurous backpack. I used a few leaves to tie in the colors of the brand logo and really made the red pop. 

Humanizing a product by having a model wear, hold or interact with it is also a great idea when shooting outdoor products. I used the same technique in the first image to slow the flow of the water by using a slow shutter speed. I love the way this image really shows what the boot can do!

Recently, I have loved getting more into product phtoography. There are so many fun ways to incorporate the outdoors and get images your clients will love. To learn more about product photography you can also check out this recent post by BeFunky, they have some awesome tips and tricks, click here to check it out.