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When looking at a portrait, backgrounds come sometimes be distracting. This is why retouching a portrait background can be so beneficial.

Whether experimenting with a creative look or trying to remedy a distracting background, background retouching can really elevate a portrait. In the images below you will see how I blended a texture onto a plain background. This image of Megan is beautiful, but I thought the background could use a little more interest, since it was just plain white. I decided to blend a texture into the image. Taking images of your own textures is always fun, but this time I found a free stock image. I used a Photo by La Miko from 

I started by doing a few quick edits to brighten up the image a bit and add a little more contrast. I then brought in the textured image to photoshop and blended and masked it. By retouching the background of this portrait I was able to add some interest to the image that was not there before. 

For more tips on retouching backgrounds, check out this post by retouching academy. Click here to read the post.