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Using the right props to stylize your indoor product photography can make all the difference.

Brands want to show off their product in the most appealing way. They want someone to look at a photo and think “hey I could see myself using that”. In order to evoke that kind of thinking from a consumer, you should utilize 3 different techniques in your indoor product photography. 



The first, is finding a creative backdrop. For these images, I created a faux marble backdrop by attaching contact paper to a piece of cardboard. I don’t have the most high end finishes in my apartment, so creating a good backdrop really elevated the look of these images. The point of a backdrop is to draw attention to the subject. When taking indoor product photos, you want to consider your surroundings and eliminate useless clutter in the background. 

Creating a scene is also a very important aspect of indoor product photography. Using other props to stylize the product you are trying to “sell” makes the viewer feel like the product is something that is being used. It doesn’t, feel so staged as it feels like you are taking a peek into someone’s real life. In this case, I used other beard grooming tools to surround the beard oil. Because I used a large aperture, I was able to really focus on the beard oil while blurring the related objects around it which were not so much the focus of the image. 

Creative editing is another great way to take your indoor product photography to the next level. While it is still important to make sure you are exposing your image correctly and getting the most accurate colors out of the camera, adding a b&w edit or another creative editing style can set apart your image from others. To be honest, I am not often a fan of black and white images, but I felt this particular shot and edit suited each other well. 

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