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Family photos can be really stressful, but with these simple tips they don’t have to be.

The most challenging part of family photos is often the kids, especially toddlers and babies. When preparing to take family pictures, prep your children and let them know what is about to happen. Explaining to your children how important it is to you to get family pictures and what you expect from them, can help them understand why you are sitting around smiling for an hour. Encouraging them with something fun to do afterward can also work well! For these images, I used little toys, songs, and tickles to get the little boy to laugh. If you are planning on taking photos in the Winter, bring a blanket and warm up in it between shots. You can also plan your outfits are your outerwear and incorporate those cute gloves and beanies!

For choosing outfits for your family photos here are a few tips:

1. Choose a color theme

2. Only use one or two patterns

3. Wear clothes that are not too tight, and not too loose

4. Take a picture on your phone in different angles and see how your bodies look

5. Layout clothes a few days before and make sure you have everything set, don’t procrastinate this!

Family photos don’t need to be a big ordeal with fits and tantrums. With some preparation, tips and encouragement you can get the family photos you always dreamed about. For more tips on taking family pictures, check out this post by Anakoska Photography. Click here to view the post